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Nov 16, 2003

sorry i havent written forvere my bad get at me

Posted at 10:33 am by Hollywood
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Oct 26, 2003
*i hate (love) dick*

I hate men and dick...i think that i should become a lesbian and just chill with the dont appreciate what we go thru for them i mean being oh so beautiful is a hard job and we do it all for them and then they just say u look good and look u up and down like they wanna do u kno what to ur cootchie.....fuck men...who needs them all their good for is makin babies.....shoot and i think the world has enough of those but u kno i do love babies i wannas have 3 2 girls and a boy thats a dream and have them with a decent man who has a good head on his shoulders and is christian lol thats crazy.....well look at what andajuan told toitoi (neeeeessssshhhyyyyfuuunnnnddeeessshhhy) he said that al girls think they are dymes when all they really ar are spare change and thats just fucked up cuz  they dont even kno how hard it is to be a woman and i hate them sssoooooo daaaammmnnnn much....and maurice came at me and said sex wont fix a relationship but given head will i mean i am cool with my sexuality so i dont care if SOMEONE ELSE sucks dick but me im gonna save my head game for someone special and for now i will stick to the twinkies. lol but i do love my fellas more than laquinte loves me (lol) love you and i do love dick i cant get enough of it...

Posted at 06:19 pm by Hollywood
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Oh boy

oh boy guuuyssssss....i hate ppl and these ppls may i say more than one of them kno who they are cuz i made it very clear by telling u all that i hate u or fuck off but u all dont get the pointttttt so hhhhmmmm....... for starters my damn dance coach made me go with my older brother and my best friend *Neeshyyyfunnnnddddessshhyyy* love u go sign some papers all the way to the *O* to sign soem papers omg.....what tha fuck she needs to get off my dick cuz makin me do all that cuz i ama  procrastinator is a little weird...bitch. but it is ok cuz we saw my brother friends and they are oh so hot and i am cool with this dance comp thingy sooooo.

Posted at 06:05 pm by Hollywood
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Oct 18, 2003
talk with **bIG bRuDDA**

oh boy! these past few days have been oh so ~~CrAZy~~!!! Wulp i snuck *wAnS* in and we messed around but big brother was over frendz kno the details and it was oh so ~jUIcEe~ was int it neeshyfunndeesshhyyyyyy lol thats ur new name miss ToiNeesha LaVonne mines is best...said it before and i meant im buyin me a city Katarina Marina, cAL uH fOr NyE Ae-- y ae-- where everyday is friday...they call me young rosco the philly fanatic out here on the west coast showin off my bad habits i give the people what they want and keep the party crackin....oh boy that is the best song ever!!! I learned the break part to babyboy tworkin it danielle oh boy...i am goin back to kansas city soo n for a dance comp and we are goin shoppin at the COuntry Club Plazzaaa oh boi i need to go to sleep cuz its like 5:30 on Saturday and i havent slept yet for 12 hours if that makes sense and if it does ur fucked in the head cuz it isnt supposed to lol
      I am tryn to get the homecoming thing right....i have my new dress and old dress but my cuzin selina's dress is the is half babyphat half armani lol it sounds looni but it isnt its sexy but not like mines mine is the better one AndaJuan is so hhhhottttttt i love looking at him soooooo much and he gave me a kiss on Friday and my Zachy Boo was mad (lol u were sippin the haterrade) oh boy lots of jokes....

Check out the new kicks hot huh.... super sexy too i kno

but i kno a lot of girls hate me for the manolo blahnik kicks too but u can sign off my dick cuz now i got the phat farms i got the white and pink just white and white anred kicks too all lows tho none of that mid shit. oh but mikey got some kicks too check them out
the lakers kicks and
iverson kicks. he only got the lakers cuz his baby aka me wanted him too. thats my husband (lol ssiiikeeee).But dont be madd miss Neesha cuz i had to go with the moms cuz u kno i am on house arrest aka lockdown aka being grounded but i took the little sister Anzzaa aka Kiana and she got the white and pink and black and pink oh boi we match. but oh boy i need to go so hbotdl lostalove

Posted at 05:36 pm by Hollywood
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Oct 14, 2003
~*cOnVO TiMe*~

I am talkin to Michael aka Mikey R lol no but heres the convo

Walked right outta heaven: no

I GoT tHa LaYs: come on u kno u wanna marry me

Walked right outta heaven: no

I GoT tHa LaYs: I luv u mami

Walked right outta heaven:shut up

I GoT tHa LaYs: lets fuck

Walked right outta heaven:no thanks

I GoT tHa LaYs: come on

Walked right outta heaven: shut up what happened to ur hoe

I GoT tHa LaYs: lol i done made a wiggle and after that not much a nigga can do

Walked right outta heaven: so if i went with  u would just *love* me then leave me

I GoT tHa LaYs: not u

Walked right outta heaven: why

end of convo or all youll see

yea well my older brother dre is over, hes my half brother and i bet u couldnt tell were related cuz i am
Puerto Rican
El Salvadorian

He is Black instead of Puerto Rican and then he is the rest of all that.  Homecoming is soon and my dress is so *fLy* oh boy its sexy and red and oh my i am going with Andajuan *YuMmY* oh boy such a cutie..anyways dance comp comin soon and were gonna be in KC i am cpt oh yes and we get to get our *jUIcY* outfits oh boy...Kiana looks cute today...I have to read this book about the archaeology of Human science...oh fun. Today i am gonna sneek *wAnS* in cuz my mom is leaving at one to drive to st louis oh boy have fun so at one 32 i told him to come over and he can lay with me in bed.....I am gonna go to *cHicaGo* thats where my husband PD (*lol Neesha knos who that is*) lives oh boy...I luv all my chicago ppl. But i cant do anything cuz the mom is comin with so i guess i cant be with the cutie. Damn i am grounded for the rest of the school year and this is senior year and it sucks cuz its senior year and yea but hey i guess I am gonna live my mom lifts it every once in a while its not complete lock down but its close. She took my bed away all because i wastalkin to someone on the phone and i told them i had sex before and my brothers friend was over and he heard and he told his mom or something and she told my mom and then when i came back from the B2k concert i didnt have a bed. lol and i was grounded for the rest of school career... see thats how much my mom cares for me. okay well i am gonna get off now cuz i am bored and wanna call Zachy Boo lol

Posted at 06:13 pm by Hollywood
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Oct 13, 2003
ONcE UpOn A tImE

10/13/03- I hate the first time for all things and especially for making webpages cuz u have to tell everyone everything about  urself but

Once upon a time in Pomona, California a pretty lil girl named Katarina Maria Eva Jimenez Mattis was born. That was the beginning of the future of the definition of smile. Because this girl always smiled. She had her evil bitchy wicked witch of the west smile and her arent i a cutie smile and i kno something u dont kno smile and i love you smile and i am so good smile. But now that she looks back on it she doesnt realize why she smiled all those times. Her dad wasnt ever noticed becuz he was off doing smart things at some place  all the time. And if he was home it was like there was a daddy in the house but not a father in the home. She didnt really have to big of an influence by men. She had her older half brother Dierredre, and her older half sister Kaleasha. They kind of looked out for her when her mom was working which was like all the time since she worked as a teacher and as a waitress. Her mom wasnt appreciated. But when Katarina turned 13 her brother was 15 and her sister was 20. They had better things to do. Katarina started messing around at school and all this other stuff and just getting into trouble. But when Sundays came she was back to her angelic and so good so pretty so sweet. But her mom knew different and that is why she divorced Katarina's father and moved Katarina, her one year old sister Kiana (love u mini me), and her 2 brothers to somewhere which was nowhere. But it wasnt hispanic like Pomona so Katarina Maria Eva Jimenez Mattis soon turned into Kati Jimenez. Kati hated her first year in 8th grade but she got through it. She lost her virginity when she was 15 on her older brother's friend she ended up having sex with him 1 more time. Then she met Maurice. He was the cutie. He had these eyes that made you melt everytime u saw him. He had a real muscular build, tall, and he was Creole. Also he had money and a nice car so Kati of course gave it up on him. 3 times to be for sure. She is still with him. But then she also had someone special named Keewan. And to this day she doesnt kno why he is special...he looks good but that isnt everything. He has this way with words. And she loves it. Even though she has 3 or 4 other guys she messes around with she still prefers him over all and even though he has 365 other hoes he messes with its her he calls when he is down but that isnt very often. She must be real dumb to keep wantin him but every time he calls her she goes over there and lays with him on his bed and lets him kiss her even when she knows he just got done fuckin w/ someother girl, and on the front porch she lets him whisper *naughty* things in her ear and she lets him take her shopping and out to eat and back home to bed. She still hasnt done anything with him though but she thinks about it a lot. And she knows when she gets off house arrest aka grounded she'll let him take it further *unless she meets someone else soon because now all she wants is him*.

Hope you liked the life story...its condensed.

Posted at 04:14 pm by Hollywood
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